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Nasrec Slalom Challenge

8 May
10:00 to 17:00

The first of the slalom challenges presented by MasterDrive is here!

Masterdrive and Motorsport SA bring FIA Rally Star back to Gauteng  on Sunday 8 May to provide a final chance to qualify for the  South African National final of FIA Rally Star. It's now time for young men and women to register and book a slot to show what they are made of. The best male and female of the day will win a spot at the SA National final of the programme where a team will be selected to represent South Africa at the African Continental final. By winning the Continental final you win a training season in Europe and the opportunity to take part in 6 rallies at the wheel of a M-Sport Fiesta WRC3 rally car. The best 4 from the 2023 training season will earn a junior world championship drive in 2024, with the possibility of another JWRC season in 2025 and by winning that, a full on WRC drive in a WRC2 car in 2026.

Nothing stops you from being the next one, start on the journey by registering and booking your time slot to show what you can do on our slalom course. There is no entry fee involved, you don't even need a driver's license, you just need to have the talent to be the best on the day. The fastest male and female from each hour come back at 4pm to settle once and for all who is the fastest on the day.

If you were between 17 and 26 on 1 January 2022 you could just unlock one of the biggest prizes in motor sport history for yourself. Act now and reserve your spot.


-26.245857, 27.9818079

62 Exhibition Road
South Africa



Administrative checks


Challenge begins


Challenge ends


Publication of results


Second challenge in Gauteng


  • Please remember to wear long sleeves and trousers and closed shoes. Bring your helmet if you have one. Don't worry if you don't we will have helmets available on site.
  • Please report at the welcome desk on site at least 30 minutes before your booked time slot to complete the paperwork and Covid screening.
  • If you are under 18 you will need to accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the required forms.
  • Please print and bring your proof of registration for this challenge
  • You are welcome to bring your own driving gloves (not compulsory)